Upcoming Events

Sunday 9 AM

Bible studies in the library: Pastor Ron Stewart from St. Joseph, Minnesota will be teaching on “discipleship” on May 18th.
Mr. Jamie Dalbec from Voice of the Martyrs will show slides and talk about his attempt to smuggle Bibles into Laos.

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Past Sermon

There are times, when I’ve forgotten to take a penny or two out of my pants pockets before throwing the pants in the washing machine. Every once in awhile then, I would notice a penny lying in the bottom of the washing machine. I would think to myself, “Maybe I should reach in there and get that penny.” Instead, I would think – ‘Ah it’s only a penny.’

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Meet the Staff

Pastor Harlan Seri has been at Minnewashta Church since June of 2009. Before that he was pastor at Brownton Congregational Church in Brownton, MN. Harlan has his Master’s degree in Theology from Northwestern College of Roseville. Harlan spent 27 years teaching reading, computers, media, coaching high school basketball, soccer and track.

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